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We Develop iPhone Apps That Make The Apple App Store A Little Bit Better

Developing great iPhone apps has evolved from a passion to a borderline obsession here at Circle Technology. We’re always taking advantage of opportunities to better understand what goes into creating iPhone apps that get downloads and leave users happy.

Our mobile app agency is a team of designers, strategists and developers who are committed to creating mobile apps for iOS that are a enjoyable to use. For 8 years, we’ve been combining pixels and code to create stunning apps that delight our clients and their customers.

Great iPhone Design Is More
 Than Just A Pretty Screen

Circle Technology launched its very first iPhone app in 2009 and we've been creating apps for iOS ever since. From our founding, we’ve had a passion for creating mobile experiences that delight users and working with clients to bring their ideas to life.

Over the last few years, we’ve launched more than 65 iPhone apps for our clients and have launched a few iPhone apps of our own. We’ve had more than half of our apps have been featured in the Apple App Store and are constantly working to create mobile experiences that push the needle.

Here are a few of the projects we’ve brought to life over the years:

SportsDay Talk Screenshot
Transit 360 Screenshot
Etchings Screenshot
Glue Screenshot

These are just a few of the iPhone apps that we’ve helped bring to life!
 We’ve worked on iOS projects across a number of industries, and our apps have been downloaded and used by millions of people around the globe.

How We Develop iPhone Apps

We believe that creating a great iPhone app isn’t just about pretty pixels and animations. It’s about your business goals, your users’ goals and creating an experience that your users will want in their everyday lives.

Building and launching an app is not enough. You have to start with a deep understanding of your audience and develop a roadmap that ensures your technology will scale with your user base.

Our approach to developing mobile apps is determined by your goals and starts with an in-depth planning process. We call it the Mobile App Blueprint, and it allows us to better understand your users, your business and your vision. You bring insights and data about your industry, and we'll bring the mobile experience needed to create something great.

What Does The Mobile Blueprint Process Mean For iPhone Apps?

Development Plan Backed By
 Data And Insight

When we begin the Blueprint process for an iPhone app, we start by putting on our Sherlock Holmes deerstalkers and diving deep into data, research and collaboration with clients to gather information.

Detailed Designs For Key
 App Function

Our UX design team provides detailed designs and user flows that are ready to be passed along for iPhone app development.

Detailed Product Roadmap
 To Begin Development

Our development team determines the technical requirements for launching and sustaining an app that works.

Accurate Estimates For
 iPhone App Development

We deliver a detailed and transparent estimate for how much it will cost to turn each iPhone app idea into a reality that customers will use and love.

We Help Ambitious Brands & Startups Create Stunning iPhone App Experiences

We recognize that it's quickly becoming harder and harder for brands and startups to gain a competitive advantage from tech alone. We're committed to working with companies who share our passion, vision and drive for creating mobile app experiences that can redefine their industries and help their businesses drive meaningful results.

If you’re interested in launching a new iPhone app or redesigning an existing product, you probably have lots of questions. We’ll be on hand to answer every question you throw at us—before, during and after the development process. But let’s start with the two questions that are always front of mind for our clients:


How Long Does It Take To Build An iPhone App?

Building an iPhone app from scratch is a task that requires UX/UI, technical and strategic expertise along with a deep understanding of the users the app is being built for. Our App Blueprint process offers a great starting point to gauge the scope of a project and deliver an accurate estimate of the time required to complete the build.

On average our App Blueprint process takes less than four weeks to complete, and building an app can take anywhere from three months to a year.


How Much Does It Cost To Build An iPhone App?

Just like buying a house, the cost of a mobile app really depends on what you want. We published a great article highlighting How Much It Costs To Build An App that you might find useful as you gather estimates and quotes.

Our initial planning process helps us gauge the technical requirements for your iPhone app to ensure there’s no sticker shock when you finish your build. We look at the requirements as they relate to third-party data, hosting, in-app purchases, monetization strategy and much more.