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We Design Android Apps That Leave
 A Lasting Impression

Designing Android apps is one of our specialties. While we have extensive experience designing iPhone apps, we’re also passionate about creating memorable experiences for Android devices. Google prides itself on the idea that users come first, and that ethos directly guides our design process here at MindSea.

Here are some clients we've worked with on iOS & Android:

“Focus on the user and all else will follow”

Google Design

Who Is MindSea?

We are a full-service app agency helping forward-thinking brands drive business results. Our team is a group of passionate designers, strategists and developers who are obsessed with studying human behavior and the latest design trends in order to create app experiences that exceed users’ expectations and keep them coming back for more. We specialize in designing Android apps from scratch, and in helping brands turn their outdated app designs into modern, user-friendly experiences.

Our team has a deep understanding of Google’s guidelines for using Material Design, the sleek, responsive Android design language. Our team has studied the principles of Material Design to ensure that whenever we design apps for the Google Play store, they offer users a robust and fluid experience.


The 3 Underlying Principles Of Material Design

Google developed Material Design to satisfy a diverse set of human needs as it relates to the digital experience. The core principles are injected into all Google projects, and they inspire the app experiences we design for Android.

Material is the metaphor
Bold, graphic, intentional
Motion provides meaning

We agree with Google that a great Android app starts with the user. We start our app design cycle with what we call the Mobile App Blueprint, a thorough planning process that gives us the knowledge and direction to create apps that are more than just pretty pixels. And the process pays off—our Android app designs have thousands of downloads from Google Play and receive almost exclusively 5- and 4-star reviews.

“Without a doubt, I've never been as pleased with the work that anyone has ever delivered to me in my 25 years in the industry as I am with MindSea.”

Barry Fogarty, CEO, Klothed

“They’re really fast at getting things done. The organization is big enough that you’ve got a lot of resources, but they keep the team small enough so that they’re efficient. What’s unique about them is their designer is also the project manager.”

Kirk Chisholm
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"While I know we aren't their biggest customer, I feel like we are treated like their most important every time. We have enjoyed solid growth of the app they designed even without putting marketing dollars behind it."

Eric Evans

How We Design Android Apps That Leave
 A Lasting Impression

A successful Android app design starts with a deep understanding of the target audience and what features and experiences will keep them coming back.

We accomplish this with three basic steps:


Devise A Comprehensive Mobile App Strategy

Our strategists and app designers work closely with our clients to determine their business goals and their users’ objectives. We believe that by starting with these two insights, we gain a better understanding of what it will take to create a functional and meaningful mobile experience.


Become Build-Ready With Intuitive UX

We take our insights and turn them into a vision for the product. The initial wireframes set the stage for what will eventually become a pixel-perfect user experience. The wireframes are built to showcase the user flow for the app and ensure that all the key features are included and prioritized based on the users’ needs. These wireframes are then turned into mock-ups that are only one step away from being brought to life.


Create A Rock-Solid Product Roadmap

In just three weeks, you'll be fully prepared to build a winning app, with all the resources you need—including a presentation deck to win over investors—to turn your Android app designs into a fully functioning mobile app.

The Mobile App Blueprint: What It Means For Your App

Development Plan Backed By
 Data And Insight

When we begin the Blueprint process for an iPhone app, we start by putting on our Sherlock Holmes deerstalkers and diving deep into data, research and collaboration with clients to gather information.

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Detailed Designs For Key
 App Function

Our UX design team provides detailed designs and user flows that are ready to be passed along to the development team.

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Detailed Product Roadmap
 To Begin Development

Our development team determines the technical requirements for launching and sustaining an app that works.

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Accurate Estimates For
 Android App Development

We deliver a detailed and transparent estimate for how much it will cost to turn the app idea into a reality that customers will use and love.

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We Design Android Apps That Stand Out

Designing a beautiful, intuitive Android app is one of the best ways to stand out in the Google Play store. As Google Play continues to increase its market share and more and more apps are released, high-quality apps are becoming rare. This creates a valuable opportunity for teams who recognize the value of design. At MindSea, we’re committed to collaborating with companies who want to design mobile app experiences that can shape their industries and help their businesses achieve success.

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If you’re interested in designing a new Android app, you probably have questions. Over the course of the app design process, we’ll work closely with your team to answer every question you throw at us. Let’s start with the two most common questions we get:


How Long Does It Take To Build An Android App?

Designing and building an Android app from scratch requires UX/UI, technical and strategic expertise along with a deep, research-based understanding of the app’s potential user base. Our Mobile App Blueprint process offers a great starting point to gauge the scope of a project and deliver an accurate estimate of the time required to complete a build.

On average, our Mobile App Blueprint process takes less than four weeks to complete, and building an app using Java can take anywhere from two months to a year.


How Much Does It Cost To Build An Android App?

The cost of building an Android app can vary widely—it depends on what features you want and what technology your company already has in place.

The Mobile App Blueprint process will give you a clear technical and visual roadmap for your Android app. We use this process to give you an accurate estimate of the cost of building an app that delivers real value to your company and your users.

Want to create an Android app that generates results?

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